Almost 6 months old

Almost 6 months old, unbelievable how time flies! Yesterday I decided to (finally) load the pictures from my camera into the computer. Amazing how much little Vik has changed in just under 6 months. Already it’s so hard to believe how tiny he was and how big he is right now.

So, how is the little man doing?

Next Thursday it’s exactly 6 months since he enriched our lives. And while it’s still so short and new, it also feels as though he’s always been here with us. Every day he learns something new, currently grabbing and tasting his own toes seems to be a favourite activity. Amazing to see the ease with which he doubles up to do that, I mean, I can barely reach my knees when I bend, let alone my toes…

He’s also showing a lot of interest towards the cats, even gently petting them when he gets the chance. Sometimes he’ll grab an ear, or dig his little hand into their necks, but so far the cats just let him do his thing. They still prefer to keep a bit of distance, but every once in a while the can’t control their urge and need for cuddles, coming close enough for Vik to get his hands into their soft fur.

Eating habits and growth

Beginning of May we finally managed to ditch the annoying nipple shield, hurray! We’d been struggling to get rid of the thing for several weeks after Vik’s weight started to level out. With a bit of help from a local lactation consultant things ‘clicked’ and I’ve been nursing shield-free ever since. Almost immediately Vik’s weight improved, getting more milk with more ease than before. It did, however, leave me feeling a bit of guilt, as I really didn’t want to use the darned thing in the first place. But it was the only way he’d latch on as a newborn. I still feel as though I should have tried sooner and harder to get rid of it… But ultimately we have a very happy, growing little man, who is doing so great!

Last week we took the first small steps in the world of Baby-led weaning, giving him real bites of food (veggies and fruit) to grab and discover. So far he’s really enjoying his broccoli! It’s so much fun to watch him as he grabs, squeezes, looks, licks etc. He doesn’t swallow much yet, but that’s a skill he needs to learn and he’s definitely trying to get the hang of it. He doesn’t actually need the food yet anyway, as he’s predominantly breastfed and will remain to be as long as he wants. OMG! I just realised I’ve almost hit my first breastfeeding goal: 6 months! The ultimate goal being (at least) 2 years, following the WHO recommendations.

baby led weaning - broccoli


Something we’ve grown into, is attachment parenting. Before I got pregnant the term had always wigged me out. I felt it sounded really hippy and kind of creepy almost. And then he was born and we naturally flowed into a way of life which can actually be seen as such. We follow our instincts, looking at Vik and how he responds to his environment. And we babywear, using wraps to carry our little viking around. I personally prefer to use the woven wrap, while B alwyas goes for the stretchy wrap. Which is partially my fault, because I haven’t shown him how to use the woven wrap yet, hahaha!

This week I returned to my babywearing consultant (Anneke from Draagrijk) to learn how to do a back carry. As Vik grows, his interest towards his surroundings grows. Which means he’s trying to turn around in his wrap to look to the front. Or hangs to the side to watch our shadows on the ground. Carrying him on my back will give him a more open view and I expect it to be easier on my, weight-wise. It will also come in more handy when we’re hiking in the Ardennes in a few weeks.



We’re also very happy co-sleepers. Vik has his own little co-sleeper (built by B) attached to our bed. But we have to admin he barely sleeps in it, only the first part of the evening before I go to bed myself. He usually sleeps beside me, in our bed. This was never the plan, I mean: scary, risks etc. But after falling asleep while nursing when Vik was just a few weeks old and waking up 4 hours later, we never went back. Of course we immediately started reading into bedsharing, making sure we follow all safety guidelines. He sleeps better and we sleep better, which is worth so much!

But the best part is waking up in the morning. The first thing I see in the morning is him. Either he’ll be fast asleep (swoon!) or wide awake, staring and smiling, waiting for me to wake up and feed and play. Als he’s growing bigger, I’ll sometimes even wake up to him nursing, having found his food source on his own, haha!


All in all this whole parenting thing is amazing! We’re enjoying every tiny moment of it. And it really helps that Vik is just the happiest, most relaxed little guy ever. He’ll have his moments, but usually it’s one of three things: diaper (we cloth diaper by the way), hungry or sleepy.

So, this blog turned out far longer than I had planned. Guess I’ve finally found a topic I just can’t shut up over…