Cleaning out my closet, creating a wardrobe capsule

My closet has been a pain in the butt for ages. It was literally bursting at the seams (the backboard actually came loose…) and yet, I never knew what to wear… And the, I found an amazing blogpost featuring a wardrobe capsule which totally inspired me to make some big changes and clean things out.

I happened across the blog by Miss Victory Violet (I am a retro/pinup/rockabilly-nut after all) and there it was: 10 Items/26 Outfits- Rockabilly Style. 26 outfits with just 10 items? YES PLEASE!!! Inspired by Miss VV, I wanted a similar wardrobe capsule. A few quality items which mix&match perfectly as opposed to a shitload of cheap stuff. 

Creating a wardrobe capsule

So, with that idea in mind and my favourite color combination (black and red), I got to work. I went through the entire catalogue on Top Vintage and collected a number of items for my own wardrobe capsule. Several items were already in my possession, so I could keep it all on a fair budget. And I didn’t order everything all at once, I’m taking it 1 or 2 items at a time. 

I give you: my wardrobe capsule:

my basic wardrobe capsule

Now of course this isn’t going to be my entire wardrobe. I still have my (retro) dresses of course and let’s not forget my lazy pants, yoga wear and other basics and sporting items. But for a basis day to day look, I should be able to manage with the selected items.

Cleaning out the closet

Now, after deciding on my basis wardrobe, it was time to tackle the existing disaster. Which I did with little finesse. I opened the closet and chucked everything on a big that that A) wasn’t red or black, B) didn’t fit the retro theme or C) was just plain old worn out or hideous. I kept items that I still loved and even found some items I had forgotten I had, including a gorgeous pencil skirt by Pinup Couture!

Now I have 3 near empty shelves in my part of the closet, yay me! I just need to dig through the hanging part now. There are a few dresses I don’t wear any more (I’m 37, can you really still see me running around in gothic attire? I don’t think so!), so they’ll be going on Marktplaats, along with a few other items which are too good to just throw away. Perhaps selling some stuff could get me that amazing pair of out-of-my-budget Emmy Norma Jean Jeans 😍

Once my wardrobe capsule is complete, I plan to do a post similar to what Miss Victory Violet did. I’ll be showing off the numerous combinations I can make with just a few items.