The first year of parenting

Just over a month ago we celebreated Viks first birthday and our first year as parents, can you believe it!? In the past year many clichés turned out to be nothing short of the truth. Let me list a few. And don’t worry, I’m terrible at making longs lists, so it’s going to be really short 😉

Our first year as parents

When we came home with this little helpless bundle of baby boy, we were scared shitless. Breastfeeding, poop, diapers, baths… Everything was so new and scary and fragile. We though we had prepared ourselves, but no, cliché 1: no matter how much you think you’ve prepared and ready to take it all on, you are most certainly not! But we dove right in and learned by doing. 

Cliché 2: Things get easier after the first 6 months.
This one has definitely turned out to be true. For the first months we struggled with the breastfeeding, finally getting it fully under control (with help from our lactation consultant) when he was about 4/5 months old and by 6 months someting just seemed to ‘click’. Not just the nursing, but everything just became easier. Or maybe it just feels like that because we got the hang of things. I don’t know. But we sure feel more relaxed in our role as parents.

Cliché 3: Time flies.
OMG yes! Everything has gone by so fast and he’s grown so much! His birthday came so much faster dan I was ready for. But then again, I’m also glad we’re out of the mini-stage. It’s so much more fun now he’s bigger and able to do more things by himself. He’ll put his arms out for his coat and he walks all over the place. He still needs something the hold onto, or rather, he thinks he does. 

Not following ‘the rules’

As parents we try to find our own style to suit us as a family and as individuals. In our case that means we tend to do things a little different, not quite but resembling natural/attachment parenting. Some people might not ‘get’ the choices we make, but we don’t always ‘get’ the choices other people make either, so I guess that makes us even, right? A few of our choices include extended breastfeeding, cloth diapers and co-sleeping/bedsharing.

When I got pregnant and even before that, I knew I wanted to breastfeed my child, on demand and not on schedule. For myself and also for B, it wasn’t a matter of choice, it was no more than logical, a matter of biology. I read everything I could and  ensured myself I could do this, hoping to reach the WHO recommendation of at least 2 years. And, despite some struggles (damn you, evil nipple shield!), we’ve passed that halfway mark en there a no signs of it ending anywhere in the near future.

Cloth diapering
Have you any idea of the amount of waste created by disposable diapers? Well, it’s a LOT! And cloth diapers are way cuter too, haha! Some people didn’t think we’d last longer than a week. Well, we barely lasted a week with disposables while on holiday last summer. I was glad we were home, where we had our washing machine and normal, cloth diapers.

During my pregnancy, B built a co-sleeper to attach to the bed, for Vik to sleep in. That way any nighttime feedings would be much easier, because I wouldn’t need to get out of bed. We also believe keeping him near is a super effective way of bonding. Within a few weeks, co-sleeping had become bedsharing as Vik (and myself as well) slept much better cuddled up against me, with his personal milkbar in reach.

For anyone scared we’ll never get him out of our bed again: we have a gut feeling he won’t still sleep there when he’s 16 😉 We’re positive he’ll one day express a desire to sleep in is own bed and until then we fully enjoy the company. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning before him and watching him sleep and wake up <3

His first birthday

We celebrated Viks first birthday relatively small. Both sets of grandparents were there (after 5,5 years they finally met eachother…) as well as his aunt M, uncle M and his 2 cousins D and B. He had his first ‘bad’ food: a yummy birthday cake with his picture on it and loads and loads of whipped cream. He didn’t particularly care for it though, he clearly prefers his tangerines over sugar any day 🙂

His Big Present was a Wishbone Bike 3in1. He’s not quite big enough to ride it yet on his own, but I’m sure he’ll be going up and down the sidewalk later this year!