Fresh Meat or Smokey Bacon?

roller skating

So this evening marks the last of this Fresh Meat period. After today we’ll know who will go through to Smokey Bacon and who needs to practice a bit more. I’m just glad there isn’t a real test anymore, like last time. Less pressure πŸ˜‰

I am a still bit nervous though. Last time it was pretty obvious I wouldn’t pass to the next level, but this time… I just don’t know.

I’ve grown so much these past few months, not just as a skater but most of all confidence-wise. No longer do I start to tremble when I need to do a knee-tap, I do it. No longer do I get a fit of hysteria when the jumping line gets set up, I roll to the line and jump. (Ok, so I still jump beside the line, because I don’t get high enough, but I DO get myself off the ground with both feet at the same time and land safely on my feet as well ;))

But have I grown enough technique-wise for SB? I really don’t know. Some things have gotten so much better and some things I feel I need to practice more to really get the hang of it.

I really, REALLY want to get to the next level. But I also know I need several basic skills to be able to handle the next level and if I need to FM a bit longer, then I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and keep trying.

Well. I’ll just go and do my best this evening and see what happens.
No matter what: one day I WILL become a rollergirl for the Rockcity Rollers!