Let me introduce you!

So, as usual, it’s been a while. This time I have the best excuse for the distraction ever, because on January 28 I gave birth to our baby boy! Vik was born at 14:56 and he’s the cutest little boy one could ever imagine <3 Read on for my complete birth story (including details).

His birth went slightly different than we’d hoped for, in the first place because he stayed put. Instead of the desired home birth, I had to get induced and thus give birth at the hospital.

After passing my due date, I started eating pineapples, taking extra walks, trying everything to get things started. I even had my membranes stripped three times. All without results. So on Wednesday the 27th we headed to the hospital to get a Foley bulb inserted for a bit of cervical stretching.

The next morning we returned at 7am. After getting settled in the delivery room, my waters were artificially broken just before 8am. Almost immediately my labor started. Guess what? Back labor! So much for the pregnancy yoga lessons. Nothing I tried, helped relieve any pain, except for a really hot shower.

Around 13:45 my dilation was checked and I was told I was at 5cm. On average dilation progresses at about 1cm per hour, so we all expected it to last another 5 hours. 20 minutes later I hit the ceiling from the pain and my body started to push.

I tried to keep myself from pushing as I felt it wasn’t possible yet, knowing I couldn’t keep this up for over 4 more hours. After discussing with B (he knows how much I did NOT want it), we decided to ring the bell and request an epidural. The midwife checked to see how far along I was and lo and behold, I was at 10cm and I was ready to push. So push I did!

40 minutes later I grabbed our son and here’s where the only part of my birth plan actually happened. I put him on my chest, skin to skin, and he immediately found my nipple. He didn’t actually latch yet, but we got a good hour together before I had to get wheeled out of the room to the operating theatre.

Wait, what? Yup. The placenta wouldn’t budge, so it had to be removed manually.

I’ll never forget the look on B’s face as he held our boy, watching me being taken away. Heartbreaking.

The operation went well, I got the epidural after all 😉 Unfortunately it went up a bit too high, to my chest, and just as the doctor was done I felt myself get really dizzy and nauseous. But after some extra time in recovery, I was brought to my room at 18:30, where B and little Vik were waiting for me. We finally got to call our parents and text our closest friends 🙂

I stayed the night in hospital and early afternoon the next day we were at home on our own couch.

And we couldn’t be happier!!!