A new step in my graphic and webdesign career

In 2000 I finished school and joined the workforce. My first job was ‘Junior Webdesigner’ at a large multimedia company in Diemen, just under Amsterdam. As I knew absolutely nothing about webdesign, I sort of managed to bluff myself into the position. But in the 1,5 years I worked there, I learned so much. Mostly Photoshop, after the webdesign department was quickly disbanded and we joined the DVD production team.

Growing into a real webdesign and development nerd

After that I worked for 7 years as a graphic/webdesigner as a wonderful company in Hilversum, expanding my knowledge from simple HTML/CSS to more elaborate languages like PHP and MySQL. Eventually leaving there was a career choice. I felt as though I had reached my peak, there was no more room for me to grow. And I left with a heavy heart. Years later, I still miss them girls!

The following 11 months turned out less successful than hoped/expected, but I kept myself happy by starting to work a few hours freelance beside my job. In the end, my luck turned again and I found a new job at a small, but growing markeing communication agency. For over 6,5 years I had a blast working there. My boss once asked me what I liked the least as a developer and I responded with ‘webshops, I hate building webshops. I really don’t ever want to do that!’ only to eventually build an entire webshop system as well as multiple successful webshops, haha! Yes, she really inspired me to push myself further with every project.

Changes are coming

In 2012 I handed in my resignation. I was moving to Eindhoven, commuting to Rotterdam each day would be too much. The plan was to focus on my own freelance activities and try to grow it into a full-time endeavor. But, with a boss who is really good at puppy eyes, myself  not really wanting to leave yet ad knowing the income would come in handy, I decided to stay for 2 days in the week. I mean, 2 days of commuting isn’t a bad deal, right? And then I became a mom…

The last weeks of my maternity leave were marked by a feeling of impending doom and distress. Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but I wasn’t really looking forward to going back to work. Even though it was only 2 days, it was quite a distance and with almost 4 hours of commuting, I was gone for 12 hours each day… Returning to work wasn’t easy. A lot had changed. The company had moved to a new building, undergone a name change, a lot of new people (interns) had been hired and I felt like a different person myself. But I quickly found my place again, taking on a few big and complicated development projects. Perhaps that was a bit too much to take on, I don’t know, but after a few months I felt tired and a bit lost, unsure if this was where I wanted to be in my life.

Making big decisions

I decided I wanted to pick up my freelance graphic and webdesign a bit more again and, even without actually putting the idea out there, suddenly work started to come in. Was my fairy godmother doing her thing? Before I knew it, things were starting to get a bit too much too handle and in the last days of October, after discussing it thoroughly with Bas, I made a decision. On Halloween 2016 I handed in my final resignation. THE resignation. I quite my job.

As of December 1st 2016 I’m officially self-employed, working from home. Bas and I are splitting our work hours so we both spend several hours a day working and the other hours caring for Vik. No daycare needed, he gets loads of quality time with the both of us. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner as a family and in the weekend we make sure to have at least one work-free family day.

This was the best decision I have ever made <3

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