Running gear – Part 1

In a small series of posts, I’d like to tell you about my running gear. I’ll talk about why I chose certain items, where I got them and whether I’m happy with it, or considering a change or update.

Episode 1: My running shoes

This first episode I’d like to tell you about my shoes. I only recently got them and I’m so happy I did! For about 10 years I had been running on the same pair of Nikes so you can imagine they weren’t in the best shape anymore. At some point I even started to develop blisters in the same spot when running for longer than 30 minutes. And with my running become more serious, it was time to take my feet serious as well.

About a month ago, my boyfriend was away with our son to his parents for the day, so I was home alone and could do whatever the heck I felt like. After yoga, I hopped on my bike and rode 7.5km to the center of Eindhoven to Rønnør, a running gear store recommended to me by my friend and hairstylist Veer. Once inside I was approached by Kari who helped me find the right shoes.


First she asked me if I had my old shoes with me. Luckily I had brought them because I already figured they’d want to see them. Immediately she saw I had a slight overpronation of my ankles (they basically bend inward as I step) so her advice was a shoe with some extra support on the inside. I tried out several shoes, running to and fro on them on the indoor track as she filmed my feet. Not only could I feel the difference per shoe, but watching the footage I could clearly see what my weak spots were.

A Cinderella moment

I have fairly flat feet, so many shoes had too much room above the toes, making the shoes ‘flap’ as I ran.

And then Kari popped out a pair of blue and black shoes, with a more fitted shape ánd support. Putting them on, I immediately felt like they were made for me. When I ran the little track I felt the support under my foot, the shoes didn’t flap around but stayed in place and looking back at the footage it was clear my ankles stayed straight! These were my shoes! The Brooks Ravenna 9 were the perfect fit and they were coming home with me <3

Running in my new shoes

Kari advised me to not run a full 30 minutes the first time around, but do an interval training of 3x 10 minutes with about 2 minutes walking in between. As I had the 5km Ladies Run in Hilversum coming up that weekend, I took her advice to heart. The first couple of runs (including the 5k) I felt all sorts of things. Not pain or discomfort, but clearly my body needed to get used to the new shoes. But within a few runs I noticed a change in not only my form but also in my pace. I was running on clouds and it felt awesome.

Running on my Ravennas


So it’s now a little over a month since getting them and all I can say is: I should have done this so much sooner! My runs are improving and my ankles, legs, hips, back, everything feels better because now I bounce again instead of crash when I land my feet. Now I know firsthand how important having a good pair of running shoes is. They are absolutely the most important part of my running gear. I urge every runner who’s still on their old trusted sneakers to go and get a decent pair fitted. It makes a world of difference!

Before going to Rønnør I didn’t know the brand Brooks, expecting to come home with a new pair of Nikes or some other overpriced A-list brand. But I can honestly tell you: I love my Brooks! The perfect fit for an affordable price. Couldn’t be happier.