Things that happen in a few short months

First of all, since the last time I was here, I didn’t get through to Smokey Bacon. The reason? It was mostly because of not being secure enough on my skates. My basic skills are getting way better, I’m just still a tad too insecure and therefor, bluntly put, a liability in a pack. I’m getting really close though! At least… I was, until I had to quit…

BECAUSE I’M PREGNANT!!! 26 weeks at the moment 🙂 We found out early May, 2 days after my birthday to be exact (how’s that for a birthday present?). We told my parents that same weekend, when they were visiting. I didn’t really feel like coming up with a decent excuse for not having a glass of wine with Mom as usual 😉 And yes, I quit roller derby practice. I really didn’t feel like racing and wheels and suddenly falling down with all possible consequences. And though everyone was bummed I wouldn’t be at practice anymore, everyone was so very excited for us! And heck, I’ll be back next year anyway!

I also broke the news at work fairly early on. Again, the wine issue… I managed about 2 TGIFs with an excuse (flu and a dinner with friends, if I remember correctly) but as I’m not a very good liar I (and B) decided I’d just tell. If anything went wrong, at least I’d have a good group of supporting people around.

Luckily nothing went wrong and so far our Munchkin is growing and moving and I feel great! I didn’t even have morning sickness, can you believe it? Sure, I have some physical complaints, but nothing I can’t handle. And B has been awesome, taking up so much more work in and around the house. He’s currently in the midst of reorganising the attic, so he can move all his electronics and soldering up there, out of our spare room which of course is designated to become the nursery. I try to help where possible, but lifting (heavy) boxes is one of those things I just can’t do anymore. Heck, even bending over and putting on socks and shoes is becoming a very interesting adventure 😉


12 weeks ultrasound

Our Munchkin has been estimated to arrive around January 14th 2016, we’re expecting him (yes, it’s a boy!) to arrive somewhere between then and the end of January. The entire family is incredibly excited we’re having a boy. With my parents having 2 girls, as well as my sister and B being an only child (whose cousins all happen to be women), it’s such a welcome surprise. And for us, we just can’t wait to meet him <3


23 weeks bump!

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