Week 27: July 9-15

The second part of my 6 week try-out with La Coach is all about learning how to control my heart rate. I never realized how hard it could be to run slowly! I’m not a fast runner and I’m not sure I’ll ever become one, but this just feels plain ridiculous while running, hahaha!

Interval and duration

When you’ve run a 30 minute interval and you didn’t even reach 4km, you know you were going sloooooow… But at least I managed to keep my heart rate (kind of) in check. I’ve always had a rather high natural heart rate and it just wants to soar whenever I do a little more than walking. This means it’s really hard for me to slow it down, especially while I’m still running. Sure, walking it off would do wonders, but I’m a runner and I’m training to run, so wlking would be kinda wrong. Yeah, nope, not gonna happen. I have to learn this the hard way.

Run, squat, breathe, repeat

La Coach knows how to shake things up: run and do squats in between. Turns out I’m a terrible squatter. OK, when I was still going to the gym, or at roller skating practice I wasn’t all that bad. But hey, that was me doing squats several times a week. And seeing as I quit skating and the gym when I got pregnant, I haven’t done an actual decent squat in about 3 years. Shame on me! OK, squatting, I remember this, I think. Oh hey, lets take a selfie while squatting! Should not have done that. Should NOT have done that. Treated my Instagram followers to a lovely picture of an oversized zucchini because of that. Don’t ask… Oh and did I mention I had to keep my heart rate below a certain level as well? Failed it!

A little 5k on a Sunday morning

After all the heart rate business, the last run of the week was almost a relaxing one. 5km, with just one little assignment: speed up during the third kilometer. Whee, I get to RUN again! No more slowpoke, here I come! Managed a full kilometer at a 5:45 pace, wow! Which I totally blew myself up with, resulting in a crappy KM 4. Luckily I got myself back together and did a decent 5th kilometer. Heck, I ran the entire thing in just under 32 minutes. Last april I ran 5km in 35 so heck yeah, I’m getting better! Yay me!

July 15 2018