Weight loss and becoming a fit mom with a little help

Some time ago I wrote a post on body positivity and such. In it, I told you about my personal struggles with weight loss and how I’d go back to working out after giving birth. Well, The Munchkin is 7,5 months old and all I’ve done so far is one tiny attempt at running.

Stupid body

Apparently, my pelvis wasn’t all to happy with a baby passing through it. For the past few months I’ve been going to regular physical therapy sessions, to help put everything back where it belongs. Slowly I’m reaching the point where I’m allowed to work out again. In the meantime I’ve been walking with the baby. At first I had trouble walking for more than 15 minutes, a supermarket visit was about as much as I could do in a day. But lately I’ve been walking decent distances again, even managing a 8 km, 3 hour walk in the Belgian Ardennes while on holiday last week, yay!

But all this walking hasn’t done much weight-wise though. I lost the pregnancy weight quite quick, I think it was gone in about 2 or 3 months. But the remaining kilograms, that were there before the pregnancy, hadn’t disappeared, they were still there. And now I’ve had it. I’m totally fed up with not recognising myself in the mirror and feeling tired, unfit and unhealthy. Trying it on my own obviously wasn’t working. So I took a major step and contacted a weight consultant I had met through Twitter.

I needed a helping hand

At the moment we’ve only just started. I’m keeping a food journal which I’ll be turning in later this week. Based in that (yikes!) she’s going to work out a proper plan to help me change my eating habits in a permanent way. No quick fixes, no (crash) diets, but a good, solid and permanent solution. The actual weight loss won’t be quick, but it will be steady (if all goes well and I do as I’m told ;)). A slow, but steady weight loss is the way to actually keeping it off as well.

So, I’ll try to keep you guys (I wonder if I actually have any readers at all…) posted on my weight loss journey. Hopefully I’ll be seeing progress in the coming months and looking smokin’ hot in my wedding dress sometime next year!

Picture via FreeImages.com