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About Vitamin D and energy

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Vitamin D and energy

For quite a while I’ve been brewing on a blog. Not this one though, another one. Still not quite sure how to put those thoughts into words. But as I do want to update you guys, here’s a new blog. A story of bloodwork, vitamin D and overall energy.

For a while now, my energy levels have been lower than ever. For months I’d wake up tired every morning, no matter how much I had slept. The smallest efforts would throw me back into recovery mode for days. And so, by the urging of Bas, I went to the doctor. Because of the ongoing brain fog, I asked Bas to come along, so at least one of us would remember what the doctor would say.

More testing and prodding

My current doctor (GP) is amazing. She came to our doctor’s office when one of the older doctors retired. The first time I met her was about a year ago, after my initial Covid infection and ongoing inssues. Since then, she’s the one I always make my appointments with.

She listened to my story and decided we’d run the same tests again as last year (chest x-ray and bloodwork), but adding an ECG and more extensive bloodwork. Not just to check for inflammations, but for the whole shebang. Vitamins, white blood cells, you name it, they tested it. Turns out, I had a huge vitamin D deficiency, which could possibly explain the ongoing weariness. Also my leukocytes (white blood cell count) was a little high.

Bloodwork and vitamin D boosters

After a more extensive look at the leukeocytes, they turned out perfectly normal again the next week, so no worries there. But I needed help for my vitamin D. So for 4 weeks I took a weekly booster capsule of vitamin D, to be followed up with another 2 weeks of ‘normal’ over the counter tablets on a daily basis. Next week I’m having a new round of bloodwork, purely for the vitamin D and seeing my doctor again the next day.

So how am I doing?

Well, it would seem the vitamin D boosts have done their work. I’m less tired all the time, have more enery to get through the days. Heck, I even worked in the garden a bit last week! Yes, I still need to keep my energy levels in check. Crossing the boundaries still has me breaking down physically in the evening and the next day. But recovery even seems to be improving! It no longer to takes 3 days to feel better, i’m up and about in no more than 2.

More energy, more wedding planning

With the increased energy, I’ve managed to get well underway with our wedding planning as well. I need to, as we have less than 5 months to go! Last week I sent out the Save the Dates and I’m adding more and more checkmarks to the ToDo list.

I’m happy to be able to do more and so relieved to just feel more energetic. Still keeping an eye out for my energy levels, so you won’t bee seeing me run again just yet. But just no longer feeling so beat down, for me, is a huge change.

Right now, I’m looking forward to a lovely spring and summer, topping it off with our upcoming wedding.

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