Running frustrations

Frustrations while running Sometimes runs just aren’t what you imagined them to be. Frustrations before/during/after running can ruin not only the run, bus sometimes also part of my day. Running has become such an important part of my life, it plays a big part in my mood and how I start my day. Today was […]

Week 19: May 7-13

I love how running twice a week has become a must-do in my life. If I miss a run, for whatever reason, I really feel bummed out. With the races coming up I’ve decided to incorporate some interval training into my week. Read on to find out how that first one went… Wednesday May 9 […]

Yakult Ladies Run 2018

Two sisters and a bottle of wine… Hilversum, Christmas Eve 2017, my parents’ house. Presents were unpacked, all 3 grandkids spoiled rotten, everybody as stuffed with food as the turkey we had just eaten was when it went into the oven that morning. And wine. Plenty of wine. Add 2 sisters and you’ve got a […]

Bonus run – May 6 2018

A bonus run? I should have waited with my weekly recap until this evening, because I went for a bonus run this morning. The sun was shining, I was feeling great, I had slept like a baby and I just couldn’t help myself. Clearly I’ve been bitten by the running-bug! Two days in a row […]

Running starts with one step

Running my ass off, even in winter

Running starts with one step January 2016 my son Vik was born. I had hoped to get back to running that spring. Unfortunately my body wouldn’t co-operate. It would take me a total of 20 months, several sessions of physical therapy and yoga to feel secure again to attempt a little run. On Wednesday September […]