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Happy not-wedding day to me!

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My Wedding dress in its dustbag

And suddenly September 3rd 2021 was there. Our wedding day. The day I could finally take out that beautiful dress and go all out in the hair and makeup department. The day I would finally say ‘I DO!’ to the love of my life and take on his last name. But nooooo… Stupid COVID ruined that for us, along with every idiot who refuses to protect themselves and people around them. Thanks for that.

Anyway, let’s not go there, let’s try to think happy thoughts. At the moment I’m typing this (around 15.15) we should have been in de middle of our ceremony, about to say the actual i-do’s. I’m feeling a little bummed. I started off allright this morning, but the closer the clock came to that 15.00 mark, the more I started feeling a bit off.

Another year to plan the wedding

So, by order of my mother and sister, I just poured myself a glass of wine. To sort of celebrate the start of my final year as an unmarried woman (good grief, I’m 41, it’s about friggin’ time already!) and a year of wedding-planning-fun, whee!

I’m acutally having fun again, thinking of the upcoming wedding and brainstorming ideas. Last Wednesday one of my closest friends came over (she lives practically around the corner) and we managed to make the final selection for the music to be played before, during and after the ceremony. Luckily Bas agreed on the choices. I’ve started to make lists again and Pinterest is back to being my best bud when it comes to decorations and such.

This coming year is going to be so much fun!

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