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Running frustrations

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Frustrations while running

Sometimes runs just aren’t what you imagined them to be. Frustrations before/during/after running can ruin not only the run, bus sometimes also part of my day. Running has become such an important part of my life, it plays a big part in my mood and how I start my day.

Today was one of those frustrating runs. Recently I ran 7km twice but didn’t get that far with any run after that. This alone is a point of frustration for me, so I really wanted to break out of that rut this morning.

Early night, early morning

I went to bed early yesterday, at 21:30 and woke up with my son fast asleep and snuggled up against me at 6:00. For about an hour I enjoyed that little moment and then slipped out of bed and put on my gear.

Waking up early

Starting to run, I felt pretty good. It was still a bit cold outside, so perfect for waking up. Within the first kilometer my Runkeeper spontaneously decided to pause my activity. Say what? And that wasn’t the only time. It continually kept on pausing and resuming out of the blue, without me even touching my phone. And then my earbuds went silent. Serves me right for forgetting to charge them… Lesson learned!

Speedy Gonzales?

After about 2km I checked my phone and saw I was running quite fast, under 6 min/km. Where I’m usually between 6.30-6.45 per km, that was quite a surprise. Didn’t know I had that speed in me! At 3km going that fast caught up to me when my left calf muscle cramped up.

I went really fast for my doing!

Walking it off

Getting a cramp sucks. A lot! As I was still quite a way from home, I tried to walk it off and then continue running. About 500 meters later I picked up my run but didn’t last long, my legs refused to cooperate. Let’s hope next weeks runs will be a lot smoother. With music to back me up 😉

How do you deal with frustrations or ‘bad’ runs? Let me know in the comments!

X Mentha

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