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We’re getting married!

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About 5,5 years ago i proposed to B. It was Christmas Eve, we were watching tv (excuse me if I don’t recall what we were watching) and talking about our future. Several weeks earlier we had decided we wanted to try for a baby and I had my IUD removed. So understandably our conversations were very future-focussed. While we were sitting there, chatting away, I couldn’t help myself. I lett myself slip off the sofa, on my knees and seriously asked him to marry me. Luckily, he said yes!

Planning starts

After the new year, we sort of started to plan things. Ideas were getting thrown around, notes were taken and of course I started to look around for The Dress. I even spent an afternoon with mom in Utrecht at a bridal fair. Well… We actually entered said fair, looked around a bit, concluded rather quickly that whole white wedding with flowers and other ‘traditional’ stuff wasn’t for us, walked out and had a lovely afternoon in the centre of town <3

Suprise visitor

Early May we discovered a little surprise in my belly. Okay, not so much a surprise as we were actively trying, but we weren’t expecting success that soon. And so our plans were put on hold.

The years go by

And now, here we are, 5,5 years since that Christmas Eve and we’ve finally begun to actually plan our wedding. The date is set, the venue booked, witnesses asked and I’m already done designing the stationery and website. Heck, my dress has been hanging in our bedroom since November!

Something’s missing

Now the thing is, traditionally speaking, when you propose, it’s fairly customary to present the other half with a gift, an engagement ring. But I proposed rather spontaneously to my guy and he’s not much of a jewelry person. He wanted to give me a ring, but has no idea what to pick out. And so, we spent 5,5 years being engaged with no ring to show off. No problem, we’re not very traditional anyway.

Until I was browsing Etsy in search of the perfect wedding rings and saw a stunning silver ring with a ruby. And B loved it too! So now I finally have a ring and I LOVE IT! Wearing it on my middle finger though, because I totally messed up the measurement and it’s to big, haha!

We’re getting married fuckers!!!

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