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I’m still alive and running!

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Hi there! I’m back! Actually, I was never actually gone, I’m just not very good at keeping up with a blog… So, it’s been a while and I’d like to catch you up on how my running has been since I last wrote, although it’s more about what’s to come: 10km, 15km and my first full marathon!

Since I last wrote…

I’ve done some (new) things. I went for an 11pm run, I ran further than 8km, I ran through a very hot summer, I walked and hiked up several mountains and I even hit my first 10km distance while on holiday in the mountains! And I signed up for a few new runs…

What’s to come?

The next 2 weeks are all about running the 10km at the Marathon Eindhoven weekend on October 13th. I’ve been working my butt of trying to reach that distance, but the last 2 weeks before our summer holiday were really tough. It was really obvious that I was in desperate need of rest and relaxation. Last year we didn’t go on holiday because of my old house still being on sale and needing some updating. Luckily we finally sold the place early this year, but all the stress of the past 4 years kind of hit me as our holiday grew near. 10km Eindhoven bib In September our holiday was finally there: 2 weeks in northern Italy, the Dolomites. Walking, hiking, eating and wine. Heaven! We hiked our asses off, some hikes more challenging than others. I ran a total of 3 times (although I had promised La Coach I’d run 3x per week..). The route I had chosen seemed pretty flat, but it quickly became a trail run along the side of the mountains. The last run was on Thursday September 21 and I reached that magic number: 10km! It was exactly 1 year and 1 day since I had first started running again and I cried a little when I hit that elusive distance. I had done it! So proud of me 🙂

Signing up for more

With my marathon training starting in October (yikes!) I felt I wanted to do something in between. Enter the Bruggenloop Rotterdam! 15km long, crossing 6 bridges. I apped La Coach if it was possible to run that race while following her marathon schedule. Within minutes she responded it would work out great. 5 minutes later I had signed myself up.

The best is yet to come

The scariest thing I did was last Thursday: I officially signed up the the 2019 NN Marathon Rotterdam, the whole 42.195km. Last Sunday (Sept. 30) we had the official kick-off clinic for the entire online (half) marathon team. La Coach has gathered together a wonderful group of 25 people who are going to work towards either the half marathon in Schoorl of the full marathon in Rotterdam (meeee!). We got together on the track in Baarn where we met for the first time, got a shitload of information thrown at us about the schedules we’ll be working with, how the system works, what to eat/drink/try etc etc etc and then (finally) went out on the track for an intensive technical training. Signed up for the marathon Not only had I never run on a track before (ok, i vagely remember a sportsday in primary school, but that’s it), it was also my first experience running with a group of people who share that same passion. It was so much fun! I can’t wait for the Facebook group to get started so we can get to know each other a bit more and I certainly can’t wait for the next clinics/meetups. No, quite honestly, the idea of running an entire marathon in just 6 months scares me a bit. So last night I put on the Dutch movie ‘De Marathon’, just to get in the mood. So thrilling to see the shots of the actual Rotterdam Marathon and then imagining myself being part of that next year. Let’s get this party started!!!

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