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A new perspective on life?

About a year ago, I was chatting with a close friend from New Zealand and he asked me the following: I wonder how what you are going through, has altered your perspectives and philosophies on life? That one question really got me thinking. HAVE my perspectives and philosophies been altered? Has Long COVID changed me as a person? Let’s dive into this for a bit. Hold on, I’m going to be rambling a bit from

how are you?

How are you?

How are you? It seems to be such a simple question and the first one people tend to ask when seeing eachother. The most common

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Me and Long COVID

It’s been almost 10 months since I got tested positive and everything is still pretty messed up. Me and Long COVID are definitely not friends, but I’m afraid we’re going to be stuck together for quite a long while longer… To give you an idea of what I’m struggling with, I’d like to give you a rundown of some of my symptoms and issues.

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proud of myself for asking help to recover from Long Covid

FU Long Covid!

Last January I caught what I thought was going to be a mild flu. It was Covid and it sure as hell wasn’t mild… I

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