Who is Mentha?

In short, Mentha is: creative, nuts, cheerful, sometimes less cheerful but keeping a positive outlook on life.


And a more lengthy bio

I’m Mentha, a 30-something graphic designer and webdeveloper. Making pretty things, that’s what I love to do. Whether it’s on the computer or by hand with a pencil and a sheet of paper. I’ve lived in a lot of places, including basically in the middle of nowhere in Canada. I’ve moved several times for love, with a couple of disappointments along the way. But each disappointment is a lesson learned, a new open road towards a new destination.

My road thus far has lead me to Eindhoven, where I live with my two Great Loves. The first is The Big One, my fiancé Bas. Sysadmin, programmer, webdeveloper, photographer and the man who stole my heart while on an Italian hiking holiday together, initially as friends. On January 28th 2016 The Small One entered the stage, the second love of my life: our son Vik. He’s the cutest, happiest, cuddliest blue-eyed boy I’ve ever met (being totally objective in this of course…). Waking up to his smile, makes our days start in the best way ever. With his birth, we started a new journey, trying to navigate our way in a whole new world called Parenthood.

So then there’s this website, this blog. I’m not a real blogger. I tend to forget this site even exists, or I’m just too busy to think about it. I’m not even very good with words. But sometimes, just sometimes, I’ll have a moment in which I feel the urge to blurt out a bunch of words and put them in writing. And every now and then I’ll give into that urge, actually write a bit and then you can find it right here on this site. Enjoy 🙂