About Mentha

Who is Mentha?

In short, Mentha is: creative, nuts, cheerful, sometimes less cheerful but keeping a positive outlook on life.


And a more lengthy bio

I’m Mentha, a 30-something graphic designer and webdeveloper. Making pretty things, that’s what I love to do. Whether it’s on the computer or by hand with a pencil and a sheet of paper. I’ve lived in a lot of places, including basically in the middle of nowhere in Canada. My road thus far has lead me to Eindhoven, where I live with my two Great Loves. The first is The Big One, my fiancé Bas. Sysadmin, programmer, webdeveloper, photographer and the man who stole my heart while on an Italian hiking holiday together, initially as friends. On January 28th 2016 The Small One entered the stage, the second love of my life: our son Vik. He’s the cutest, happiest, cuddliest blue-eyed boy I’ve ever met (being totally objective in this of course…). Waking up to his smile, makes our days start in the best way ever.

In September 2017, after a year and a half of physical issues due to giving birth, I slowly picked up running again. I’ve done a bit of running in the pas decade, on and off. More off than on, to be honest… But this time, something changed. I got hit in the face with running fever. Running twice a week became the new normal and where I would usually quit in October (brrrr, cold!) I got myself some warm gear and ran the entire winter. And I loved it! Snow, freezing temperatures, they couldn’t hold me back!

With running comes setting goals. I found enormous joy and motivation in signing myself up for runs/races. Each one a bit further than the last. And that’s where this blog comes in. I’m not a real blogger. I tend to forget this site even exists, or I’m just too busy to think about it. I’m not even very good with words. But this time I have an actual topic. Something I can talk about. My hope/goal is to write a little blog on each run I do. Not just the ones I’ve signed up for, but also a recap of my normal weekly runs, working towards my goals and updating them as I grow as a runner.