The first year of parenting

Just over a month ago we celebreated Viks first birthday and our first year as parents, can you believe it!? In the past year many clichΓ©s turned out to be nothing short of the truth. Let me list a few. And don’t worry, I’m terrible at making longs lists, so it’s going to be really short πŸ˜‰

Almost 6 months old

Almost 6 months old, unbelievable how time flies! Yesterday I decided to (finally) load the pictures from my camera into the computer. Amazing how much little Vik has changed in just under 6 months. Already it’s so hard to believe how tiny he was and how big he isΒ right now.

Let me introduce you!

So, as usual, it’s been a while. This time I have the best excuse for the distraction ever, because on January 28 I gave birth to our baby boy! Vik was born at 14:56 and he’s the cutest little boy one could ever imagine <3 Read on forΒ my complete birth story (including details). His birth Read more »