Yesterday I finally put my new website up for MooiMentha (<- click there). It has a few bits and pieces of portfolio added, but I’ll definitely be expanding in the coming weeks and months. I just have to find some projects again before I can photograph them… Ah, the joys of moving… So many things are still Read more »

Things are happening

Hi there! Remember me? I’m mentha and this is my site 😉 I know, I’ve sort of failed to keep this site alive. I have a life you know 😛 Anyway, loads of things happening at the moment. Let’s see, where to start… 1. I had Boris de Doorgeeflomo for a week earlier this year. Here’s the Read more »

Making dreams come true

I’m about to start a course to become a professional makeup artist. It’s a life long dream that I’m finally turning into a reality! Not that I’m going for a totally new career. I see it as more of an extended hobby where I can help friends when they have a party, or a photographer Read more »

Boris de Doorgeeflomo

Oh yeah! I got selected to have Boris de Doorgeeflomo (Dutch) with me for a week in October. I get to take loads of pics and just have fun with him and the pics and story will end up on the Dutch area of   How cool and fun is that!? 😀 Het 2013 avontuur Read more »